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Updated: Mar 20

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Staying positive and keeping yourself in the right frame of mind, for me, is super important and something I try to make sure I keep on top of. I like to work on my mindset ideally everyday. #mindset #personalgrowth

Now I'm not saying you need to be sat at a desk working on keeping positive for hours, working on your mindset can come in many forms.

Podcasts - I do love a good podcast! They are so easy to listen to - in the car, while your cleaning, at the gym etc. Essentially they are just so practical and easy to fit into your lifestyle. So you can work on your mindset even while going about your daily life #podcasts

A few of my personal favourite podcasts:

Talk Twenties

• Alice Living

Reading - One of my favourite hobbies is reading! So reading books regarding mindset is a perfect way to constantly keep up a positive energy up! I know what youre probably going to say “I never have time to read” Even reading a chapter a night is enough, this is usually what I try to keep up #readinglover

A few of my personal favourites:

• Get your sh*t together by Sarah Knight

• The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Positive Affirmations - Affirmations are essentially short and powerful statements that you think, say and write about yourself. Reading them out loud or in your head everyday is a great way to constantly remind yourself of ... well all the positives. You're creating a list of 'I will', ' I can' and 'I am' instead of 'I can't or 'I won't'.

Get your list wrote out!

Goal Setting - Setting your own personal goals are a huge mindset booster. I myself have a Pinterest dream board, you can make a list or have an actual dream board on your wall. They are a perfect way to keep your energy up, keeping you focused and your mindset in a positivite setting because of course you want to be ticking things off your goal board!

My Why - If you are setting goals however big or small in order to keep striving towards them with a positive attitude you need to tell yourself why you are wanting to do said goal. Enter “my why” next to you goals it’s always a great idea to have your why written next to it, this helps

fuel your positive mindset in order to achieve those goals.

There you have it! If you made it to here thank you so much for reading my top tips on how to keep a positive mindset!

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xoxo RJ

One of my affirmation - 'I am a strong and powerful women, who shapes her own future'

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