Easter For Toddlers - Easter Basket + Activities Ideas

Can you believe we are already in Easter time? How quick has these past few months flown by, January lasted around 678 years and then February and March seemed to have lasted 678 seconds! hehe how crazy!

Anyway we're here for Easter and I am very excited for it, last year I will totally hold my hands up and say I did not do as much as I should have for Oliver, I was late to the shops (as per) most things were sold out and I time got away with me. So this year I'm overcompensating for sure! I have Easter baskets, craft stations, bunny ears and activities planned ... after having a little search on what I could do of course.

So I thought I would share my ideas, everything I have managed to pick up for Easter and link everything I could for you all! You can also watch my YT video linked at the bottom of the bits I picked up at Home Bargains & The Range.

Home Bargains - I managed to pick up a lovely wooden ‘Happy Easter’ decorative banner which was an absolute steal for less then £2! Home Bargains did have a lovely range of bits and pieces for Easter as well as costume accessories.

The Range - The range have such an amazing range of Easter decorations and crafts. I managed to pick up a Easter basket, two metal Easter buckets and two decorative spring flowers all for under £8!

Small Shop Love - I came across a

wonderful small shop on Instagram called @houseofharmanuk where I was able to buy a beautiful personalised Easter Crate and personalised letter from the Easter bunny. Such lovely added touch to the holidays when you can personalise things, so I‘m so happy I came across their account. Plus I love that I was able to support small.

My thought behind filling Oliver’s Easter was the same way I would fill his Christmas Eve box - with some pyjamas, a teddy, a small toy and a reading book but all be Easter themed.

I picked up some Disney's Donald pyjamas from Zara because the bunny ones were out of stock ... so Donald will have to do hehe. I bought a bunny Teddy, reading book and a small toy from Tesco's

Crafts at Poundland - We're planning on having plenty of different crafts so Oliver can make different picture, colour in some drawings and also do a little painting. I bought some paper eggs for him to decorate as well.

Poundland is the way forward for all things crafts, they have such a good range of paints, pens, paper, pipe cleaners etc etc. Plus everything is £1 each!

Table Decorations - I decided to also host a little Easter themed buffet for us

instead of our usual lunch. I’m pretty much just doing our usual lunch but in a buffet form with the added Easter them cupcakes etc. I managed to pick up some Easter plates from Zara Home as well just to add to the theme.

Chocolates - all of the Easter chocolate I picked up for Oliver's Easter crate and basket were from main supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s or Tesco's. I love picking up the chocolate bunnies.

If you have made it this far then thank you SO much, this is my Easter ideas and little gifts I have gotten this year! I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and hope it gave you a few ideas for your Easter holidays.

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Have a Happy Easter

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